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Nicholls Forward – FAQ

What is the Nicholls Forward Annual Fund?
Gifts to the Nicholls Forward Annual Fund are used in areas across campus to sustain and improve facilities, provide opportunities for faculty to further their skills and create stronger learning environments, enhance the student experience and meet unexpected needs.

Why are Annual Gifts important?
Dr. Jay Clune and his administration strive daily for the current and future success of Nicholls students by providing them the tools and atmosphere to succeed professionally and personally. To achieve this goal and to help make Nicholls the intellectual, economic and cultural heart of the Bayou Region and beyond, your support is needed.

I can only give a small amount.  How will that help?
While large gifts are absolutely essential to Nicholls’ success, so are modest gifts. Nicholls has approximately 40,000 living alumni and when all gifts, no matter the size, are combined they make a significant impact for Nicholls State University. And be assured, Dr. Jay Clune is extremely grateful for all gifts made to support Nicholls.

Why are gifts made through the Nicholls Foundation?
The purpose of the Nicholls Foundation is to serve as the main fundraising organization for the university where all gifts received are for the exclusive benefit of the university. By utilizing the services of foundation for the appeal, it guarantees that all donations will be used as advertised and will stay on campus.  Gifts from the Nicholls Forward Annual Fund are transferred to the university on an annual basis.

Can gifts be specific to college or area?
While Nicholls will always try to best accommodate the specific desires of donors, the Nicholls Forward Annual Fund is designed to give funding to areas that are presently in most need on campus and in many instances, areas that are not as visible to the outside community such as renovations of some facilities. The decision on how to utilize Nicholls Forward Annual Fund donations is made by Dr. Jay Clune, Nicholls President, in consultation with members of his cabinet and the Nicholls Foundation Executive Director. Additionally, the opportunity to contribute to specific areas of Nicholls will take place for the annual Give-N-Day, which will be on March 5, 2024.

How were Annual Fund gifts used in the past?
Annual Fund gifts were used to assist the university with numerous campus beautification projects with ancillary costs.  As the Nicholls Forward Annual Fund continues to grow, more and more areas of support across campus will be funded.  To learn more about how Annual Fund gifts have been used, please click the following link: How Nicholls Forward Annual Fund Gifts are Used

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