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Message from Foundation President

When making a contribution to Nicholls, the first thing that often comes to mind for many people is scholarships.  For those who attended college, we all remember our own financial struggles and we can understand the importance of ensuring that today’s students can afford to earn degrees, live in residence halls, become active in campus organizations or even travel abroad.  And now, with the yearly uncertainty surrounding TOPS and higher education funding, the need for scholarship dollars has grown even more important.

While scholarships are certainly the bread and butter of the Nicholls Foundation, they are far from the only option to make a lasting impact on the lives of current and future Colonels.  For example, Capital One has recently partnered with the Nicholls Foundation to provide additional faculty training and resources for freshman-level core classes with early results leading to higher student pass rates bringing better retention and student success.

Additionally, the Nicholls Foundation currently funds 63 faculty professorships along with two endowed chairs.  By providing the financial resources for Nicholls to recruit and retain its best faculty and fund faculty research and professional development opportunities, the Foundation’s supporters are helping to improve the academic experience for hundreds, if not thousands, of students.

On behalf of the Nicholls Foundation, I would like to thank all of you for your ongoing support and commitment to Nicholls State University.  It is because of your generosity that our regional university continues to thrive and attract talented students who become our region’s future nurses, teachers, accountants, doctors, chefs and business leaders.  As you consider your gift this year, I encourage you to contact the Nicholls Foundation at 985-448-4006 to discuss how your donation can leave a lasting legacy and help generations of Colonels to come.


Chris H. Riviere (BS ’78)
President, Nicholls Foundation

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