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Planned Giving

The Nicholls Foundation offers a number of opportunities for you to consider when planning your specific asset management strategy. Listed below are brief descriptions of vehicles you may wish to discuss with your attorney or tax planning specialist. We encourage you to discuss your gift with our office before finalizing any planned giving strategy for proper beneficiary language. The office can be reached at 985.448.4005.

This information is not to be considered legal, accounting or tax advice. Please seek the advice of competent counsel before making any important decisions.

Planned Giving

Life-income funds and other planned gifts are extraordinary ways for alumni or friends of Nicholls to make substantial gifts while benefiting from the income during their lifetime. These irrevocable gifts provide favorable tax deductions and often reduce capital gains taxes on appreciated securities. For information about planned giving, please call the foundation office at 985.448.4005.

Life Insurance

A gift of life insurance may be made to benefit the university as an outright or planned gift. As with other forms of planned giving, the gift of a life insurance policy can offer certain tax advantages. An existing policy may be transferred, or a new policy may be purchased specifically as a means of gifting to Nicholls through the Nicholls Foundation. (Please note that that this applies to whole life policies only.)

Many of us purchase life insurance to ensure the financial stability of our families in the event of an untimely death. If your circumstances have changed, and you have a life insurance policy you may no longer need, you might consider naming the Nicholls Foundation as beneficiary. The Nicholls Foundation office can assist with proper beneficiary designation.


A gift by bequest through a will or trust is another way to leave a legacy at Nicholls State University. Bequests allow donors full use of their capital during their lifetimes, and such gifts are very important to the university to help build endowments for scholarships and other needs.

Bequests can take one of several forms, including a bequest to leave a specific amount, a fixed percentage or as a remainder bequest after all other bequests have been satisfied. You can also bequeath real property, such as your home or other real estate, and tangible personal property, such as rare books, artwork and other collectibles. If you have already prepared your will or trust, your attorney can help you modify it by adding a codicil to include a gift to the Nicholls State University Foundation.

Please note that all bequests to benefit the university should list the Nicholls State University Foundation Inc. as the beneficiary. For sample bequest language, contact the foundation office.

Charitable Annuities and Trusts

There are other forms of planned giving that offer benefits to the donor and/or a designated beneficiary while providing a donation to the university.

  • A charitable gift annuity can be created by transferring cash or securities valued at $10,000 or more to the Nicholls Foundation, and in return, the donor receives guaranteed fixed payments for life of the donor and/or a designated beneficiary.
  • There are other similar vehicles available to you to benefit Nicholls through the Nicholls State University Foundation. Your tax adviser or estate planning attorney can assist you in determining which instrument best meets your needs while also benefiting Nicholls.
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