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Matching Gifts

Many corporations will match their employee contributions to non-profits such as the Nicholls Foundation. Some matches are one-to-one, so your gift, for example, of $250 can mean $500 to the foundation. There are a few companies that offer two-to-one or even three-to-one matches. Please check with your Human Resources department for the necessary forms to complete and send with your donation. The Nicholls Foundation will verify your gift and communicate back with your company.

Matching corporate gifts are entered as gifts from your employer, but you will receive “soft credit” for the company gift. Using the example above, you would be recognized as a donor at the $500 level.

For more information about the Nicholls Foundation, please contact Jeremy T. Becker, Executive Director of Nicholls Foundation at 985-448-4006 or jeremy.becker@nicholls.edu.

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