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Nicholls Forward – How Gifts Are Used

All gifts to the Nicholls Forward Annual Fund are designed to give funding to areas that are presently in most need on campus.  The decision to fund the areas of the annual fund was made following numerous discussions with Nicholls administration and done in conjunction with the Nicholls strategic plan.  Below are the areas of funding with goal amounts for each:

Sustaining Campus Facilities and Beautification

As the buildings and facilities on campus continue to age, the structures remain solid; however, many would benefit from simple yet effective improvements.  Funds from this area will be used to enhance the campus with cosmetic upgrades to both facilities and grounds.

Building Faculty Strength and Capacity
Students deserve the best faculty and the faculty deserves the best opportunities to further their education and provide learning experiences for their students.  Funds from this area will flow through each dean to be used at his or her discretion for his or her faculty for areas and items such as attending conferences or purchasing special equipment for classrooms.

Enriching the Student Experience
Students with the ability and determination to attend Nicholls will have this opportunity through scholarship support.  Additionally, students will thrive in a stimulating atmosphere that fosters involvement, community service, creative expression, and personal growth.  Funds from this area will not only provide scholarships to students, but also give students the opportunity to enjoy their college experience outside of the classroom.

Fostering Quality Across Campus
On nearly a daily basis, unforeseen needs arise in areas across campus.  From assisting with an emergency repair to providing for a special experience for faculty and staff, funds from this area will assist Nicholls in meeting those needs.

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