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Campus Emergency Fund

The Nicholls State University Foundation has established the Nicholls Campus Emergency Fund to assist students in times of unique needs.

As part of the initial response to the COVID-19 pandemic emergency, Nicholls was forced to transition to online instruction and testing. With the transition to a virtual campus causing a severe financial burden for many Nicholls students not only from the ability to continue their education but also in their personal lives separate from being a student, the Nicholls Campus Emergency Fund was created.

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Initial funding was used for students with unforeseen expenses.  The transition to all online classes and testing has created a financial burden that many students were not prepared.    Additionally, funds were used to support Mom’s Pantry, which is a stocked cabinet open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for any student in need of food.  The pantry is located on campus to provide food to students to help bridge the gap between hunger and success.  With some students’ only option being to remain on campus and many others losing their part time employment, being hungry should not be one of their concerns.  Supporting Mom’s Pantry will provide students access to food in a safe and secure manner.

As time progresses past COVID, the Nicholls Campus Emergency Fund will remain with the objective assisting students in other emergency situations. 

To make your gift, please click to Support the Nicholls Emergency Fund.

For more information about these examples or other uses on campus, please contact Jeremy T. Becker, Executive Director of Nicholls Foundation at 985-448-4006 or jeremy.becker@nicholls.edu.

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